Leona and Floyd Family

Main Genealogy

The above picture was taken at Leona's home in Richland County, Ohio.

top right photo was taken at the same house August 31, 2003

The painting on the right was drawn for Jim and Maxine by M. Ohler, and hangs in the Galion house.

Young Leona Kling

Leona Kling


Leona was born August 12, 1896 to George and Margaret.  She married Floyd.  They had one son, James Robert

Several years after Floyd's death , Leona married Arthur H. (5/1/1889-4/11 1963)

She had three sisters: Eva, Blanch, Betty and three brothers, Everett, Jim, Clyde.

Floyd Hazlett

Floyd died February 19, 1924 when Jim was approximately 2 1/2 years old. I believe I have a picture of Floyd's mother. I base my belief on family resemblance and she is holding James Robert as a baby.