Welcome to Jane and Bill!

Lisa and Kathie wrote a poem for their parents .. THUS


Mom was born in Piedmont, Missouri. She lived there until late High School (details in her book). At that time she moved to Clovis New Mexico to live with friends she had met in Piedmont that worked on the CCC project. She wrote her memoirs for her family in a book named, "If Mama Sang". It has been published and is avaiilable online. I have created a companion website to further illustrate her book. Actually, her complete book has not finished, but the second edition will eventually be printed. "If Mama Sang" is basically a public version. The second edition will have more interest to family members .. details that might bog down for the general public. Anyway, getting the second edition ready for publication is a personal goal of mine.


  1. ISBN the first edition.
  2. Donate a copy to both the Piedmont and Galion Libraries and historical societies.
  3. Make the book available to extended family and friends

one of mom's poems

“One of Mom's Poems
Will be printed
on this page.”


welcome to dad !

Dad was born in Virginia, Minnesota. He was the second oldest with two younger sibs. Both of his parents were from Finland. His father, Jack, arrived in 1920; the verdict is still out on when his mother, Edith arrived in America. Edith was a nurse; his dad was a clothier. Jack was a graduate of Suomi College in Hancock, Michigan, and spent some years as a photographer in Ely, Minnesota. His family was musical, intelligent, humorous, talented, and a little crazy. Jack died in 1953 at 61, when I was in second grade. Dad would have been about 28 then. Awfully young to lose your father. His mother died in 1985 at 85. They had property on Sand Lake, Minnesota. Fond memories.

Interesting photo below. I am certain the young woman is Edith. (click on the photo to enlarge - e-mail me if you know who it is.

wish i knew

Dad's older brother William (Bill) was the star of the family. He married Audrey . They had two children, Denise and Jack. Bill was a pilot in the second world war. My dad was in training to become a jet pilot, but the war was over before he finished. His mother always said he "washed out". Dad did have a pilot's license. I believe he got it when he was 16 or so. I have his license. He was still carrying it in his wallet when he died at 78. I also have his discharge papers from the military (the Army, Air Force and National Guard). He served in Korea with the Guard. (Turn your head slightly to view the photo :-)

Dad's sister, Muriel, married Jim and they had seven children, James, Theresa, Beatrice, Elizabeth, Virginia, David and ???. Jim was career Air Force. Both Muriel and Jim are deceased.

John was the youngest in the family. He and his wife Kathy (from England, I think) had two daughters, Penny and Pamela, and one son, Peter. His children all live in Minnesota. He and Kathy divorced and he married Judy. Both John and Judy are deceased.

The Pontinens dad john bill edith Jack muriel

dad's job

Dad worked all of his adult, family life at the Galion Iron Works, the early years as a welder, working on Road Graders and Road Rollers.


his paintings

After retirement, Dad took up painting. I like his style. This is one of his paintings of Pike's Peak in Denver.

pike's peak








high school

High School -- our Sophomore, Junior and Senior years -- were spent at Galion Senior High. Technically we were Freshmen in 9th grade, but never really thought of ourselves that way.

The class of '64 was the last class to graduate from the "old" auditorium. The Boomers were on their way through the python. 2008 the school was demolished.

“Hail to the Orange
Hail to the Blue
Hail Alma Mater
Every so true.
We love no other
So let our motto be ..
Vic-tor-y, Victo-ry ... Var-Si-Ty .”

post high school

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