Hackworth Farm left and right

John L. and Sarah Gilbreath Hackworth Family

The photo above is of the former Hackworth property, taken in June 2007. The first image faces the left and as a rollover it faces the right. When you click on the image it shows a more complete image with a house standing on the location of the Hackworth farmhouse which has since been torn down. The pond in the foreground is the same pond (with less water) that Jane and Rosie chased the hen across. (See "If Mama Sang" )

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Little Nell Hackworth

"Little Nell"
Born July 28, 1903
Died Aug 20, 1903

This gravestone is in the "Hackworth Cemetery" outside Piedmont located on the property owned by John and Ruby Eady.

There are several other gravestones: "MORO", Mark, and "Mrs. J.J." (Susan Roberts, wife of John Jackson "J.J." Hackworth)

John L and Sarah G. Hackworth





John L., Sallie Hackworth located in Piedmont, MO

John Jackson Hackworth Gravestone

John L's father, located in Pocatello, ID

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Sarah Gilbreath HackworthJohn L. Hackworth and Sarah Gilbreath Hackworth had eight children. Oscar, Louis, Frank, Tom, Harry, Alpha, Nellie, Sallie. Little Nell died in infancy.

John L. was 67 when he died.
Sarah (Sallie) was 80.

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